gc pharma


Business Management Analyst

1. Company: GC Pharma do Brasil (GC녹십자)


2. Position title: Business Management Analyst (Market research & analysis and business intelligence)


3. Office Location: Jardim das Acacias, Sao Paulo, SP


4. Objective: Providing services for the commercial operation of GC Pharma in Korea


5. Main activities
1) Conduct market research and analysis in the business area that GC Pharma is involved; plasma derivatives, vaccines and orphan drugs
2) Report various market information and business intelligence on a regular basis

3) Coordinate and follow up business communication between GC Pharma and its local partners
4) Make mid/long-term sales forecast and strategies


6. Essential Requirements
1) College degree in business administration or a degree related to pharmaceutical field
2) At least 5 years of work experience in the relevant filed responsible for the market research and intelligence or related tasks (sales and marketing)
3) Able to conduct market research about plasma proteins therapeutics (especially, human immunoglobulin) in both public and private sector; market size, price, distribution, reimbursement and etc.
4) Prefer a person with the work experiences in the field that GC Pharma is involved; plasma derivatives, vaccines and orphan drugs
5) Able to prepare all reports in English and Portuguese
6) Able to communicate in English and Portuguese fluently
7) Proficient in MS Office, especially PowerPoint


7. Personality
1) Honest and diligent
2) Highly motivated and passionate
3) Good communication skills


8. Application documents: English cover letter and CV
(Please include your previous or current salary and benefits and the same you hope to receive in this position)